Gerson Pancorbo

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Most of our writing will influence Christians, not unbelievers. Our greatest challenge is getting others to read our writings.


Video is able to stimulate a stronger emotional response from its audience in comparison to other media formats. This makes it a powerful medium through which to motivate an audience to take action


The best digital evangelism method is one our audience is already using.  Social media is one of the fastest ways to get the gospel of grace to people and on a large scale. 1 Corinthians 9:20. Within moments you can declare to the whole world, “Christ died for your sins and rose from the dead.”


The idea is simple: Derived from a Greek word that means, roughly, “to proclaim good news,” evangelism is explaining to the world how Jesus can improve people’s lives. My job is to proclaim the good news.


What if someone came to Christ through your photography? We have heard the phrase, “a photograph speaks a thousand words.”  Isn’t it possible, then, to present the gospel within these one thousand words?


Preaching the gospel with the intent that it might impact people for Christ – to move the lost to be saved and to motivate Christians to greater love for and surrender to Christ.
A church that doesn’t evangelize will fossilize.
It’s more about moments than events.
If all of your prayers were answered in the affirmative, would your kingdom expand…or would God’s?